Friday, August 24, 2012

Forbidden Fruit

Started a different blog and have a few things up over there already. Will still post here occasionally, but if you care and notice a lack of updates you might check here.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Loneliest China Place

Did a sneak attack on these lovely people who didn't know I was lurking their town (or even state).
Greg, Christoper Bongload, TG, Chains, Friz, and me
Tyson seduced the crowd per usual at Dwelling Spaces in Downtown Tulsa (2nd & Detroit).
Tyson was selling his paintings- this one is really great.
Lover of boats and fine wine
I like this one.
Johannes and Tyson. Johannes did a great job of helping put these shows together and is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. (Tyson too, for that matter)

If you'd like to help Tyson and co. make a great album in China, please do what you can by chipping in over here. It's so much appreciated and if anyone deserves the support it's Tyson.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sour Grapes

Video days. You can buy Joel's video O.L.D. here it comes with bonus features, including the entire Smash Promo.
Pat- harsh ollie
Joel Ortiz- frontside rock
Braden, Joel, and Alan at the "Desert Euro".
This ditch and the view out here rule; Joel- cruiser board feeble
Buy your gear, skate the bench, and people watch here- Microwave Skateshop 107 4th St.
This place is ridiculous with options- Ray learned to skate here.
Tristen- crooked grind at "Egg Man's marble ledges".
Here's the color shot of Ray's introductory Smash Ad.
These dudes are hyped on all the windows and second floor views here.
Mike in Sepia.
Pat- ollie
Mike- kickflip
The Jemez mountains and this general zone around Los Alamos are some of the raddest views you'll ever see. Suck it, Colorado.
Pat, Braden, Matt, and Kurt
This bank is ridiculously fun- it reminds me of the classic Nor Cal parks like Benicia, Santa Rosa, and Derby. These noseblunt slides were so fun and made a cool screeching noise. I felt like Tim Brauch. (rip)
Kurt- no comply
Pat- ollie (I promise he can do more than ollie, this is just what I have- 3 ollies in one post.)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Guess what?

The Smash Promo from brad hayes on Vimeo.

Video's done! (if you want a physical copy I'll have them for sale next week, but feel free to just watch it here.)

Albuquerque residents- see premier info below...

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don't Stop Partying

Well, here it is- official premiere date. So stoked for people to see the Smash vid and to see Joel's. Most of all I just hope a lot of money gets raised so we can build tons of fun shit to skate!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Plus this
Equals this

I have a huge pet peeve of people using music for skate projects (even just online) and not giving the band a credit at the end of the video. Don't worry I'm not going to go into the old "skateboarding and punk rock went hand-in-hand" spiel, because I'm really not that old. I also am not going to hop on the Lil' Wayne train because he goes into skateparks after hours and does kickturns. I'm trying to find a happy medium and if not give great bands more coverage, at least give them the credit for their fucking songs. Music can make or break footage and often times will lead you into finding your new favorite band (maybe not now, but I'm trying to do that again).

When I started making this the first obvious choices for songs were releases from ex-pro skateboarder, musician, and label owner Todd Congelliere's Recess Records. Eventually I just said "fuck it" and put Recess songs throughout the whole video. Not only do I tell you the band, song, and album it's on I also got Todd's personal permission to use said songs. While I have an open line of communication with Todd, and would even call him a buddy, I understand this isn't always the case. So even if you can't get in touch with the chodes from Band of Horses or dudes making this dubstep bullshit everyone seems to be into (I remember when it was just called "techno"), at least put who the artist is at the end of your little video.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Salty Salute

I'm very happy the Board Shop and Damien are leaving on a high note. It's
really great to finally see the video they were working on between all the other
projects those cats get into.  An extra special thanks for throwing in my little
noseblunt slide- it's an honor to be a part of this even in the tiniest capacity.

(my apologies for the goofy spacing, no clue why it's coming out like that.)