Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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I have a huge pet peeve of people using music for skate projects (even just online) and not giving the band a credit at the end of the video. Don't worry I'm not going to go into the old "skateboarding and punk rock went hand-in-hand" spiel, because I'm really not that old. I also am not going to hop on the Lil' Wayne train because he goes into skateparks after hours and does kickturns. I'm trying to find a happy medium and if not give great bands more coverage, at least give them the credit for their fucking songs. Music can make or break footage and often times will lead you into finding your new favorite band (maybe not now, but I'm trying to do that again).

When I started making this the first obvious choices for songs were releases from ex-pro skateboarder, musician, and label owner Todd Congelliere's Recess Records. Eventually I just said "fuck it" and put Recess songs throughout the whole video. Not only do I tell you the band, song, and album it's on I also got Todd's personal permission to use said songs. While I have an open line of communication with Todd, and would even call him a buddy, I understand this isn't always the case. So even if you can't get in touch with the chodes from Band of Horses or dudes making this dubstep bullshit everyone seems to be into (I remember when it was just called "techno"), at least put who the artist is at the end of your little video.


Derek said...

So when do we get to see it??

sharklahoma said...

There's a few things people still want to do, but it premiers mid-June, so it should be online in early June. Pretty hyped to be done with it, to be honest.

Darrin Hill said...

Derek and I the only dudes that creep around here?

sharklahoma said...

Judging by the counter, more people creep- just don't comment. I appreciate that you guys do though.

Darrin Hill said...

I'll creep and comment on yo' blog all day dude!

sharklahoma said...

Hell yeah!